Minister of State for Foreign Affairs

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Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Colin Perrott

since 26 February 2014
Style The Right Honourable
Nominator Matthew Jones
Appointer Geoffrey VII
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural Vincent Churchwell
Formation 1 October 1907[1]
Deputy Anna Li MHA
Salary £5,918[2] (7th)

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs is the member of the Cabinet of New Ingerland responsible for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current Minister is the Rt Hon. Colin Perrott MHA.

Function and powers

As a member of the Cabinet of New Ingerland, the Minister is empowered to oversee the Ministry and it's allied executive agencies. The portfolio is one of the great offices of state within the Cabinet, with the Minister of State responsible for matters relating to New Ingerland's foreign relations and overseas aid.

List of Ministers of State

# Name
Electoral district
Party Affiliation In office Duration Prime Minister Cabinet ministries
Tony Moore
(6 January 1953 – 26 July 2014)
MHA for Stanhill
Democratic Party 13 March 2012 – 26 February 2014 1 year, 11 months, 13 days Matthew Jones 56th
Colin Perrott
(born 8 November 1951)
MHA for Gainsborough
Democratic Party 26 February 2014 – present Incumbent

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References and notes

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established by way of an Order-in-Council at a meeting of Executive Council held on 1 October 1907.
  2. The salary of the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs is derived from his position as a member of Parliament and as a holder of a ministerial office. As of the opening of the 56th Parliament, all Senators and MHAs receive a salary of £1,170, plus a £47 per sitting day (not including a per diem amount for expenses). In addition, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs receives an additional salary of £918.

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