Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Formed 1 October 1907
Central Office J.C. Dowling Building
8-16 East Mall
Kingsbury, CENT
Senior administration
Minister of State Colin Perrott MHA
Assistant Minister Anna Li MHA
Permanent Secretary Anne Sandys
Executive agencies
Overseas Aid Commission

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the one of the fifteen government ministries in the government of New Ingerland. The role of the ministry is to oversee and promote the interests of New Ingerland abroad, and is also responsible for managing New Ingerland's diplomatic relations, as well the interests of New Ingerlanders travelling abroad. The Ministry is is headed by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, presently Colin Perrott MHA.


The ministry is responsible for the following key areas of foreign policy:

  • The control of all Embassies, Legations, High Commissions, Consulates and similar permanent missions abroad having diplomatic status and within New Ingerland for relationships between the Government of New Ingerland and foreign diplomatic missions and consulates;
  • All communications between the government of New Ingerland and other governments;
  • Advising on policy or matters that arise in the various organs of the Assembly of Nations and its agencies, as well as questions of international economics and cultural relations;
  • The administration of external aid policy and other programmes and the welfare of overseas students in New Ingerland;
  • General questions of international law (in consultation with the Ministry of Justice), relations with the International Court of Justice, the International Law Commission, negotiation and conclusion of treaties and international agreements; and
  • Advising on matters relating to New Ingerland's cultural relations with other governments and for co-ordinating and implementing the works of other agencies of government and non-government bodies in the external cultural relations field.

Senior administration

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is headed by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, who is supported by a Deputy Minister and a Parliamentary Secretary, all of whom are supported a large body of civil servants assigned to them to manage the minister's office and ministry generally.


Office Name Term
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs The Rt Hon. Colin Perrott MHA 2014-present
Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs
Deputy Minister for Foreign Aid
Anna Li MHA 2014-present
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Senator Peter Mesnieres 2012-present

Permenant Secretary and other senior officials

Office Name
Permanent Secretary of State Anne Sandys
Chief Operations Officer
Director-General for Corporate Services
Lindsay Woodhams

Directorates and executive agencies

Agencies sui generis

Secret Service Bureau

The Secret Service Bureau (or SSB) is New Ingerland's chief foreign intelligence agency. The body is considered to be an agency sui generis of the Ministry.

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