Ministry of Transport

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Ministry of Transport
Formed 12 March 1984
Central Office 3-7 West Mall
Kingsbury, CENT
Senior administration
Minister of State Timothy Hawkins MHA
Permanent Secretary Luke Paxton
Land Transport
Executive agencies
Civil Aviation Authority
Motor Licensing Agency
Roads Agency
Transport Safety Agency

The Ministry of Transport is a government department responsible for providing transport policy initiatives, including matters relating to roads, railways, ports and shipping, and civil aviation. The ministry is also responsible for overseeing the provision of public transport services to the major centres through a variety of crown statutory agencies.

Consisting of four departments and a variety of independent agencies, the ministry employs 8,500 staff and is based at Transport House in Kingsbury. The current Minister of State for Transport is Timothy Hawkins MHA.


The ministry is responsible for all matters relating to transport in New Ingerland. Through it's various departments and agencies, the ministry has responsibility for:

  • motor vehicles (including registration and driver licensing)
  • main roads
  • railways
  • civil aviation (including aircraft registration, pilot licensing, aircraft safety, and airports)
  • ports and shipping

Senior administration


Permanent Secretary and other senior officials

Directorates and executive agencies


Executive agencies

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