Ministry of Finance

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Ministry of Finance
Formed 18 February 1836
Central Office Treasury Building
2-4 East Mall
Kingsbury, CENT
Employees 350
Annual budget £3.12 million
Senior administration
Minister of State Paul Richardson
Permanent Secretary Julianne Simmons
Budgetary Services
General Financial and Economic Policy
Overseas Economic Relations
Revenue, Loans, and Investment
Executive agencies
Office of the Paymaster-General
Office of the Receiver-General

The Ministry of Finance is the government ministry responsible for the supervision of all public funds in New Ingerland, including the raising of loans and the collection of revenue and disbursement of funds appropriated by Parliament. The Ministry is responsible for advising the Minister of State for Finance on general financial and economic policy.


The ministry is responsible for the supervision of the financial business of government, as well as the wider economic health of the nation. The ministry, as a whole, has a broad ambit of responsibilities taking in matters such as taxation, macroeconomic policy, government spending, and the protection and regulation of the market.

Senior administration


The Ministry of Finance is headed by a Minister of State, who is supported by three Deputy Ministers and a Parliamentary Secretary, all of whom are supported a large body of civil servants assigned to them to manage the ministers office and ministry.

Office Name Term
Minister of State for Finance The Rt Hon. Paul Richardson MHA 2012-present
Assistant Minister for Finance
Receiver-General of New Ingerland
Senator Robert Harper 2012-present
Deputy Minister for Crown Corporations Samantha Worthington MHA 2012-present
Paymaster-General of New Ingerland
Deputy Minister for the Treasury
David Levine MHA 2012-present
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State for Finance Gary O'Connor MHA 2012-present

Permenant Secretary and other senior officials

Office Name
Permanent Secretary of State Julianne Simmons
Chief Operations Officer
Director-General for Corporate Services
Peter Darling

Directorates and executive agencies


The ministry has five directorates:

Corporate Services Directorate

As with all other ministries in the Government of New Ingerland, the Ministry of Finance has a Corporate Services Directorate. The Directorate is responsible for those 'back-end' activities that involve the delivery of enterprise-wide support services to all policy directorates and executive agencies. The aim of the directorate is to provide quality client service based on the principles of specialised knowledge, best practices, and superior technology solutions, to serve the internal customer base of the Ministry, and certain circumstances some or all of the Ministry's business partners. The directorate is divided into five 'branches', which provide specific support for a particular area of expertise, these being Estates Management, Finance, Information Technology, Personnel Services, and Procurement. The Corporate Services Directorate is headed by a Chief Operations Officer, with the rank of Permanent Under-Secretary of State, who in turn reports personally to the Permanent Secretary of State and the Minister.

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