Ministry of Health

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Ministry of Health
Formed 1920
Central Office ECG Page House
400 Latimer Street
Kingsbury, CENT
Employees 556
Senior administration
Minister of State Lucy Napier MHA
Permanent Secretary Dame Kathleen Johnson
Public Health
Community Services
Sport and Recreation
Executive agencies

The Ministry of Health is one of the fourteen ministries in the New Ingerland Civil Service. Dating back to the 1920s, the ministry is responsible for overseeing policy relating to New Ingerland's health system. The current Minister of State for Health is The Rt Hon. Lucy Napier MHA.


Under the provisions of the most recent Administrative Arrangements Order[1], the ministry is responsible for:

  • The Administration of the Quarantine Act;
  • The investigation of the causes of disease and death, and the establishment and control of laboratories for this purpose;
  • The collection of sanitary data and the investigation of all factors affecting health in industries;
  • The education of the public in matters of public health;
  • The administration of any campaigns directed towards the eradication, prevention, or control of any disease;
  • Generally, to inspire and co-ordinate public health measures; and
  • Any other functions which may be assigned to it.

Senior administration


The Ministry of Health is headed by a Minister of State, who is supported by a Deputy Minister and a Parliamentary Secretary, all of whom are supported a large body of civil servants assigned to them to manage the ministers office and ministry.

Office Name Term
Minister of State for Health The Rt Hon. Lucy Napier MHA 2012-present
Assistant Minister for Health
Deputy Minister for Sport
Senator Simon Smith 2012-present
Deputy Minister for Community Services Annette Smith MHA 2012-present
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State for Health Lisa George MHA 2012-present

Permanent Secretary and other senior officials

Office Name
Permanent Secretary of State Dame Kathleen Johnson
Permanent Under-Secretary of State
Director-General for Public Health
Elise Frost
Permanent Under-Secretary of State
Director-General for Community Services
Scarlett Hammond
Permanent Under-Secretary of State
Director-General for Sport and Recreation
Oscar Blackburn
Chief Operations Officer
Director-General for Corporate Services
Leo Morgan
Director of the Child Safety Agency Louis Curtis
Director of the Food Safety Authority Lucas Summers
Director of the Health Infrastructure Authority Toby Palmer
Director of the Pharmaceutical Board Maisie Armstrong
Director of the Workplace Safety Authority James Finch

Directorates and executive agencies


The ministry has four directorates:

Directorate of Public Health

Public health is major government service in New Ingerland. The Department of Public Health was established by the Public Health Act[2] in the aftermath of the Spanish Influenza epidemic. The powers, duties, and functions of the directorate are presently wide and varied in their scope and importance. The more important of these duties include the investigation of New Ingerland's health requirements, assuming and overarching control of major health emergencies (such as natural disasters and epidemics), promoting (through research grants) research into major health issues, and facilitating the provision of health services by issuing licenses to those bodies that are found to be sound and competent to provide it. The directorate does not administer New Ingerland's hospitals, which are instead run by non-government charitable organisations or publicly-funded district boards of trustees, nor does it administer the national health insurance apparatus, which is the responsibility of the Central Provident Fund of New Ingerland.

Directorate of Community Services

The Directorate of Community Services is a broad body responsible for the administration of polices surrounding the provision of community services; including seniors, the homeless, children (including adoptions and child care), families in crisis (including domestic violence), and youth justice support programmes. The directorate also provides services around disaster recovery, including grief counselling. The Directorate does not undertake the day-to-day service delivery of these community services, which are instead delivered by a number of executive agencies.

Directorate of Sport and Recreation

Responsible for policies surround sport and recreation, including the thoroughbred racing industry.

Corporate Services Directorate

The Corporate Services Directorate is responsible for those 'back-end' activities that involve the delivery of enterprise-wide support services to all policy directorates and executive agencies. The aim of the directorate is to provide quality client service based on the principles of specialised knowledge, best practices, and superior technology solutions, to serve the internal customer base of the Ministry, and certain circumstances some or all of the Ministry's business partners. The directorate is divided into five 'branches', which provide specific support for a particular area of expertise, these being Estates Management, Finance, Information Technology, Personnel Services, and Procurement. The Corporate Services Directorate is headed by a Chief Operations Officer, with the rank of Permanent Under-Secretary of State, who in turn reports personally to the Permanent Secretary of State and the Minister.

Executive agencies

The ministry also contains several important agencies which have specialised regulatory or administrative functions.

Child Safety Agency

Food Safety Authority

Health Infrastructure Authority

Pharmaceutical Board

Workplace Safety Authority

References and notes

  1. Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 1) 2012
  2. Public Health Act (Public Act No. 13 of 1920).

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